Cabinet de avocatura / Legal Practice

Avocat/Counsellor Nicu STAN

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Goddess of Justice
Bucharest Court
National Library of Romania

Juridical assistance - Penal


  • Legal assistance in all that is related to the banking system fraud - fraud in conventions, check file without coverage, embezzlement, theft by means of electronic payment (credit card);  
  • Offences against patrimony, as follows: fraud in conventions, including and mainly in banking domain, peculation, fraudulent management;
  • Offences of work or in connection with the work: the abuse against of the personnel’s interests, the abuse against of the public interests, the abuse in aggravated form and the negligence at the work place;
  • Offences of false: the falsification of the money or other values, material false in official documents, intellectual false, use of false;
  • Offences provided of the accounting laws, the tax evasion law and commercial society law;
  • Offences of bribery and offences assimilated with facts of bribery provided of the law for to forestall, to find out and to punish the facts of bribery.