Cabinet de avocatura / Legal Practice

Avocat/Counsellor Nicu STAN

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Goddess of Justice
Bucharest Court
National Library of Romania

Juridical assistance - Comercial


  • Counseling, assistance in all areas of banking, credit, letters of guarantee, effects of trade: bills, promissory notes, payment via check file;  
  • Contracts: the sales contract, mandate agreement, enterprise agreement, commission agreement, silent partnership agreement;
  • Arbitral conventions;
  • The admission (acknowledgement) of the judgments and the arbitral judgments (exequator) decided by the foreign court of justice where their governments have valid conventions signed with Romania by which some Romanian Companies were obliged in someway;
  • The procedure of the admission and the performance of the judgments and the arbitral judgments decided by the court of justice from Romania by which some claims were admitted and settled for to be recovered in the favour of the Romanian persons or Romanian Companies, at the court of justice from the country where live the entities obliged through these kind of judgments;
  • Establishment of commercial societies;
  • The preparation and the developing of the Extraordinary and Ordinary General Assemblies of the commercial societies’ shareholders/partners;
  • The modifying of the commercial societies’ constitutive documents;
  • The excluding of the partners;
  • Actions in liability of the administrators and the directors that are manage the commercial societies;
  • Mergers and liquidations of commercial societies;
  • Notes of value: bill of exchange and promissory note;
  • The bankruptcy of the commercial societies.